Seven Ways to Make Your Car Run Faster

Many people want to improve the fuel economy of their cars, but others also want to make their cars faster. There are things that you can do to make your car faster.

  1. Clean or replace spark plugs: If you have under-performing or worn out spark plugs, then you may need to replace them. Malfunctioning spark plugs can be indicated by rust and corrosion. If spark plugs can really optimize the car performance, so it is important to check spark plugs, at least every 10,000 miles. Spark plugs are affordable and the effect of using new ones. You should also make sure that spark plugs are correctly gapped.
  2. Replace air intakes: This is an affordable way to improve the performance of your car. Replace the generic air intake, with the short ram or cold air intake models. Stock air intakes usually don’t allow enough air to the engine to allow for maximum performance. Short ram and cold air intakes allow air to flow freely with little restrictions. Short ram and cold air intakes are easy to install and available from $80.
  3. Choose bigger exhaust system: If you want your car to run faster, you should choose bigger cat-back or exhaust downpipe exhaust systems. These systems should reduce the backpressure of the exhaust. As a result, the power of the engine will be significantly higher and the car will run faster. It should be noted that these exhaust systems will make your car sound louder, which is a good thing for some people, but not others. These components may cost around $400 each.
  4. Use carbon trunk and hood: If possible, you should remove every pound of unnecessary weight to increase the speed of your car. Carbon trunk and hood are lighter, while offering increased visual appeal of your car. These components may cost about $500 each.
  5. Install performance intake manifold: By using this manifold, you will be able to increase the airflow to the engine. Replace the stock intake manifold with performance-based manifold that allows the engine to get larger volume of air. The cost of performance intake manifold is around $800.
  6. Intercooler: If your engine is turbocharged, you need to use an intercooler. Turbocharger needs highly pressured air to operate properly, however compressed air is hotter, because air molecules are forced to stay close to one another. Intercooler is needed to reduce the temperature of the compressed air. Without intercooler, the engine will overheat and fail. Intercooler is needed to sustain high performance and keep the temperature manageable. An intercooler kit may start around $1000.
  7. Turbocharger: Turbocharger is powered by the exhaust gas of your engine. It increases the pressure of air that’s fed into the engine. With higher pressure, there will be more forceful explosion inside the chamber. This will make the engine produces more horsepower and the car will become more powerful. A standard turbocharger unit starts from around $2000. Before adding a turbocharger unit, make sure that the engine is strong enough to handle the extra air pressure and explosive force.