How to Write Video Game Review Blog?

Many people are actually able to make a living out of video game reviews. There are many big websites that specialize on providing information about games. Many people think that making a game review is easy and they can make a few reviews each week. But, it is far from the truth, especially for beginners who don’t have a proper system in creating game reviews in the most proper manner. It’s more about making sure that you have quality review, instead of focusing on quantity. Gaming takes a lot of effort and time to complete, because games are designed to be challenging even for veteran players. There are steps that you need to if you want to start making high quality game reviews for your blog.

  • Research: Before reviewing a game, you need to understand about its background. The game could be a part of popular series and you need to learn more about the series first. Also understand about the platform that is used to play the game. Know about the plot and storyline, without spoiling it to readers who consider playing the game.
  • Gameplay: The next thing to do is actually play the game and you need to make sure that the game is actually quite fun. You need to understand about how difficult the game actually is and what kind of enemy that you encounter. If the game may take weeks or even months to complete with moderate playing time, you should play enough level to understand about all the unique features and gameplay experience.
  • Graphics: Graphics can be 2D, 3D or virtual reality, depending on the type of the game. For 2D games, there are platformers, sidescrolling, isometric and others. For 3D games, there are first or third person perspectives. You need special equipment to play and review VR games. Pay attention to all details, including characters and general details of animation.
  • Sound and music: Although sound isn’t the ultimate factor why people buy games, they are still essential to improve gaming experience. In fact, many games are still remembered for their impressive and memorable soundtracks. Sound effects could also help to improve gameplay, such as to help players avoid powerful enemies.
  • Controls: Controls can be considered as part of the gameplay, but you can put them at separate section. A good control will help you to improve the overall experience. Even if the game use traditional keyboard and mouse, make sure that they keys used are intuitive. A game may include many functions and they should be well represented. For VR games, controls are based on gestures, so you should make sure that the virtual interface is easy to use.
  • Replay value: People consider games as an investment and they expect to replay the over and over again. This is especially for expensive games. Some games have unlockable characters or factions, once you complete a stage. After defeating the final boss, you can unlock a new character that requires a different approach. This will allow you to play games from a different perspective. Role playing games often have dozens or even hundreds of side quests that extend the playability after you defeat the final boss.

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