Seven Types of Cheats in Multiplayer Gaming

Multiplayer gaming is very entertaining, because we cooperate with and play against real people, instead of AI characters with scripted behaviors. Multiplayer sessions can be challenging, because people don’t behave in a predictable manner. This encourages some players to cheat and try to fool the system, here are things that they may do:

  1. Boosting: Players can easily set up multiple accounts and make them play against one another. The primary account will win easily due to lack of resistance from second or third account. This cheat is applicable only if the game is free and the system doesn’t prohibit people from signing from the same IP address. To avoid detection, the primary account can lose a few times against fake accounts, but it will win much more often.
  2. Disconnecting: Because wins and losses are registered on the completion of each session, a player may disconnect from the game when a loss is inevitable. This can be done, if there are known glitches in games. Disconnecting cheat can also be performed through firewall, using the IP booting feature. Some game developers implement penalties for disconnection offense. This could result in an instant loss or deduction of XP point. Some games also implement a 30-second delay or more to prevent gamers from disconnecting instantly.
  3. Rapid Fire Modifications: In some games, certain guns can be fired in single-shot or burst mode only. Mouse or controllers can be modified to simulate rapid tapping, by pressing and holding the button, so the gun will behave like an automatic weapon. Games may prevent this cheat by setting a limit of fire rate for each gun. So, the gun won’t fire faster, regardless of how quick you press the button.
  4. Farming: In games with virtual property or any achievement, it could be traded with money. Although this has minimal effect on gameplay for other players, but it is often a violation of EULA. Trade of virtual assets in games could cause people to play for financial gains, instead of playing genuinely.
  5. Character sharing: This happens when multiple players share a single character. As a result, the character can spend more time each day for grinding to get points, coins, achievements and various items. The character will get better equipment or higher stats.
  6. Twinking: Twinking happens if a high-level characters with a surplus of powerful items transfer gears to lower characters. This will give low-level characters a huge boost over regular characters. In MMORPG and PVP sessions, twinked characters can gain higher levels more easily. Many games prevent twinking by adding a level requirement for each item. It means that a powerful item can be used only by players with sufficiently high level.
  7. Ghosting: Some games allow non-participants to observe a session. They can see the multiplayer match from various perspectives. This will allow observers to communicate with players through private games, smartphones or direct conversation. The observer uses a separate computer and account when using the ghosting cheat. In multiplayer sessions, this can give players a huge advantage. The actual player could also use remote desktop software to become observer.

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