Issues Related to eSports Tournaments

Professional gamers need to behave ethically when they participate in tournaments. Many teams and associations also require players not only skilled, but playing professionally. Good sportsmanship is essential in any eSports event. As an example, it is considered as a good etiquette to type in”gg” or “good game”, when defeated or winning a match. Reprimands need to be implemented to make sure that people stay to have good behaviors. Professional eSports players can be banned due to verbal abuses against other players. They can also be fired from teams, when insulting other players or fans. In any case, behaving in toxic manner is not accepted in any tournament session. Any negative publicity against a player or team can be disastrous for their careers.

There are serious violations that happen in various tournaments. Players can be found guilty for foxing matches, which can cause them to be banned during future competition. Competing teams can be denied prize money after winning due to collusion during the tournament. A team can even be fined a lot of money for cheating during matches. Players can profit through betting of their fixed matches. Gambling during eSports tournaments can represent a serious issue, due to potential ethical and legal problems. Some players even use performance-enhancing drugs during tournaments. Drugs like Vyvanse, Adderal and Ritalin can prevent fatigue, improve reaction time and boost concentration. Selegiline is a drug to treat Parkinson’ disease and when consumed by healthy people, it could enhance motivation and mood.

During high intensity matches, panic is a big enemy among players. So, they may sought after drugs with calming effects. To block the effects of adrenaline, propanolol can be used and valium is useful for treating anxiety. The problem is severe enough, because the use of drugs is still unregulated in many tournaments. It is even claimed that in some tournaments, all players use certain drugs that are not yet regulated. Addiction and overdose could happen when people use drugs regularly. Today, tournaments already include a list of drugs that are banned during the competition. Random examination can be performed to ensure that players don’t use drugs. In some cases, the use of energy pills and caffeinated drinks are prohibited. Psychological effects of illegal activities in tournaments can be severe enough that a South Korean player attempted to commit suicide after a match fixing.

To combat financial-related issues, there are rules about minimum salaries for professional players and they are allowed to stream individually. Players are also required to have their own medical insurance. Repetitive movements among gamers could cause various health issues, such as wrist pain and strain injuries. It will be less likely for players to do things illegally, if they are paid well during a tournament. In various eSports tournaments, gambling is considered illegal due to the possibility of match fixing by players. Virtual items could also be traded by players to gain profits. This is an issue that any event organizer needs to be aware of to avoid illegal activities.

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