Effects of Violent Video Games on High School Students

Violence in high school is something that happens over and over again. It is believed that there are many factors that potentially cause this. Constant use of video games that contain violence is believed to influence children to do something inappropriate. By playing these games all the time, children could start to think that the real life is based on violence and they can resort to violence when they are running out of options. For children, their brain is like blank canvas and they constantly learn new information. Everything we hear, see and read will be recorded in our memory, long term or short term. If their brains are constantly filled with violence, they will use violence when there’s nothing else they can do. Unfortunately, many young teenagers feel frustrated with things that happen around them.

We aren’t born to know how to solve everything and we are often surprised about the severity of problems in our lives. When we play games, we are often given only one option that is to use only violence. Every step that we take is violent and there seems to be no other way than that. We are asked to do small violent steps, until we beat the final boss. This can be damaging for the mind of children, because they are not trained to solve things in peaceful manner. In fact, games tell us to become violent instantly, because opponents will try to beat us if we are not violent. You need to find solutions to defeat the enemy in different levels. We are eager to find new weapons and find the weakness of the virtual enemy to defeat it.

Video games are entertainment platforms, but it doesn’t mean that they make you more violent. It is important for parents to choose educating games that have no or little violence elements. Today, it is quite difficult to find non-violent games. Even the iconic Super Mario Bros. game is essentially violent, although in a funny manner. After playing violent games, children will feel that threats could occur at any time. Repeated exposure to violent games can reinforce thoughts that peaceful solutions are a waste of time. Everyone is seen as potential threats and if they prove to be threatening, violent is the only way to handle that. Incidences of school violence usually manifest as bullying and fights, but in extreme cases, public shooting could happen.

It is not a good sign if students see that schools are their battlegrounds. Kids have natural tendency to play as a way to learn and to entertain themselves. When completing a game, teenagers can feel a sense of accomplishment. They often repeat the same level to achieve better results. Games are not designed to be beaten easily, because conquering challenges is an essential component of excitement. Parents should be aware that it is likely for their teenage children to become distressed in schools. Their children need to be prepared against bullies and it is important for parents to talk with their children all the time. Schools are overcrowded and students often react in close proximity with one another. Parents should make sure that children are capable of solving conflicts in peaceful manner.

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