How to Maintain Your Media Center?

It is now possible to purchase home theatre setups for less than $1,000; if you know where to look. For people who seek real entertainment, media centers are something that worth having. However, it is important to keep your investment usable and avoid any breakdown. Even if your media center is affordable, it doesn’t mean that the whole configuration will be ruined, too quickly. There are things that you can do avoid premature equipment breakdown. There are many components of media center that needs to be taken care of, such as speakers, TV, players, computers and others. If you want consistent reliability and performance, it is important to maintain your media center. As an example, grime and nasty dust are common causes of component failure. They cause components to overheat and conduct electricity slightly between small components.

Check your Blu Ray and DVD players for dirt, smudges and smears. Do this regularly to avoid dust from accumulating too much on the device. You should do this regularly. Be careful when using sprays and cleaners. Harsh liquid could cause permanent damage, so it’s better to use micro-fiber cloth that’s barely damp to easily pick up dust and grime. Make sure to unplug your player before cleaning it up. Whatever you do, you shouldn’t use glass cleaner or other products to clean up your TV screen. These cleaning products contain ammonia and alcohol that can damage your screens. Again, you can use any soft non-scratching cloth that absorb dust and grime easily. Brush may not be effective, because it just transfers dust to other spots around your media center.

There are brush type discs that you can use to clean up the playing unit. It could do a wonderful job in removing dust from the interior of the disc. However, it simply displaces dust deeper to the interior of the DVD or Blu Ray playing unit. It is much better to clean up the surrounding area, especially the room where the media center is located. If you regularly clean up dust in the room, it can be guaranteed that the interior of your media center will be cleaner as well. Speakers can also degrade slowly over time. A common problem with speakers is called as foam rot. This can cause speakers to lose its audio quality. There’s nothing you can do to prevent foam rot. However, you can ask experienced technician to replace the foam in your speakers. This is a more affordable way than replacing your entire speakers set.

Your media center performs well only if the temperature is moderate. If the room temperature is too high, it is easy for components to overheat. During winter, you may leave your home for vacation and you don’t turn on the heater. At night, the temperature inside your house can nearly reach the freezing point. If the temperature is high, make sure that the room has enough air circulation. If you plan to leave your house during a very cold winter, wrap your media center with thick padding, so it won’t be exposed to cold air. Whatever you do, you shouldn’t abuse the system, because electrical components can be severely affected by extreme temperature.

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