How to Run a Successful Law Firm Blog?

Although many people focus more on social media, blogs still an important medium for communication. When you are writing a blog with fresh mind, you can often come up with something informative and entertaining. If you have some time to spare, consider building a blog that can help you to communicate with others.

  • Showcase your expertise: If you want to be well known, you should prove expertise in a chosen area of law. A good way to do this is by commenting on any trending legal issue. People would love to hear something from an actual professional in the area of law. You could emphasize on excellent legal opinions and let the whole world to see them. When you are doing this, you should show how your expertise could benefit potential clients. So, you won’t appear as someone who arrogantly flaunts your expertise.
  • Give press quotes: If you are directly involved in a current case, the blog could become the source of press quotes. Legal journalists always look for all possible sources, including your blogs. Anything that you write about the case could be picked up by the media as press quotes. If you provide these quotes regularly, people will always return to your blog.
  • Update your website regularly: If you want to rank well in Google search result, your website should be updated regularly. If your website looks like something that is made in 2002 with outdated technology and scripts, then you can’t expect to be in the first page of results. A good way to do this is by checking blogs of the competing successful law firms. See what types of designs and technologies they use. Often, you can implement some of the changes yourself and make your website more attractive. However, if you need to completely revamp the design and technology, it’s a good idea to ask professional web developers and designers for help.
  • Interact with the audience: Your blog audience could actually be your prospective clients. When your website views increase, more and more people will write comments. You should enthusiastically respond to the opinions and questions. After months of constant communication in the comment sections, people could eventually contact you through the phone or instant messaging apps. In this case, your website could become an excellent tool for generating leads.
  • Add search feature: When you have accumulated plenty of information in the blog, you should allow people to search for an important piece of information. Visitors could always search for specific subject and make sure that the search feature is easy to use.
  • Use relevant categories and tags: Any blog should have relevant categories and tags. Categories can be placed in the header or the sidebar. You could also put tags cloud in the sidebar, so people could choose the most relevant keywords. If you use a CMS, like WordPress, adding a category or tag is very easy to do.
  • Use schedules for publishing content: Google loves fresh, new content. During your spare time, you could do legal writing in bulk and schedule the publication time of each post.

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