Things You Should Know About Dog Bite Lawsuits

Dog bites may seem like a trivial thing, but they are associated with serious injuries and even death, if you are dealing with a huge dog breed. People keep dogs as pets and their best friends. However, some dogs may not be as friendly to strangers. They could become very aggressive and physically attack people. Small children and elderly are especially vulnerable to serious injuries, due to dog bites. Some dogs are not well trained, so they are always vicious towards complete strangers. Dogs can become the host of various diseases, because bacteria and other microorganisms can thrive inside the mouth. When dog bites have caused mental aggravation, injuries and hospital bills, then dog bite lawsuits are warranted. When you seek file a lawsuit, you should write down the contact information of the owner and the breed of the dog. This should also an opportunity for you to understand your rights. Make sure that you fulfil the requirements for filing your lawsuits.

Each state has different detail on the requirements of dog bite lawsuits and most hold the owner liable for dog bites. The owner should also be checked, whether he/she has prior knowledge about the aggression of the dog. Some breeds have propensities of becoming aggressive and the situation can be made worse, if the dog isn’t trained properly. If the dog is prone to biting someone, the owner should provide adequate training. In general, owners are liable for the actions of their dogs, especially because some breeds can be potentially dangerous. However, perspectives of the dog owners can be considered as well. Owners can take protective measures to make sure that their dogs are kept in secure areas. Proper warning should be given. As an example, there should be “Beware Dog” or something similar in the property. If the victim neglects the warning or even trespasses the property, then this situation should be included in the legal considerations as well.

In dog bite lawsuits, there’s a term known as “contributory negligence”. It means that the victim understands about the potential danger of animal, but continues to be present in the close proximity of the dog. If it is proven that the dog bite is caused by negligence of the owner, then the victim may sue for compensation, especially if the victim suffer from pain or treatable injuries. If the wound is severe enough, victims may not be able to work and financial compensation will be needed to recoup losses. Punitive damages can be awarded depending on the breed of the dog and the extent of negligence. As an example, the amount of compensation can be high if it’s proven that the owner provokes the dog to attack an innocent victim. This could happen because the owner intentionally wants to harm the person. Lawyers can find some extra details that can make the victim granted additional settlements.

Dog bite should be covered by any health insurance plan that provides protection against accidental injuries. It would be helpful for the victim to immediately document situation using the smartphone camera, if it is possible.

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