Proper Attire for Professional Lawyers

Lawyers often appear professionals and intelligent. Their speech is delivered with poise and confidence. Another important aspect that lawyers should consider is choosing the right clothes. Choosing the wrong outfit isn’t a crime, but by not wearing the sacred combination of suit and tie, it could potentially be considered as misdemeanour by court officials. The rule of attire may change regularly and what people wore 100 years ago in the courtroom is obviously different with what we see today. We have seen a strong trend of smart casual outfit in the business world, especially among technology-related companies. The question is whether the trend will eventually spill into the legal world and people would start to wear the same thing in the courtroom. In fact, in the Silicon Valley, it’s considered a red flag for even lawyers to wear formal suit and tie outfit.

In Europe and New York, people are wearing business attire as usual. The formality is due to the presence of many financial and legal firms in the area. In Chicago, things are more down to earth and less formal, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not formal. The usual tradition of formal dress among lawyers is alive and well. Legal profession is a serious matter and it should always warrant formality. Attire could affect how people respect and view the legal process. From the career standpoint, the choice of dress could become a strong marketing tool. By donning the right clothing, you can tell clients and the world that everyone means business. You should look the part for cultivating successful brand. Lawyers should show clients that they are taking the case very seriously. In fact, by wearing formal attire, you advertise to people around you that you are lawyer. Formal suits could become a dead giveaway. Pretty soon, when someone talk to you, he/she will ask whether you are a lawyer. Soon, it will be the time to exchange business cards.

However, there are times when formal attire isn’t required. As an example, you could go to the office in Friday and you expect it as a more relaxed day with no meetings or court schedule. You may remain using formal clothing, but in a more casual manner. So, when a client has unannounced visit to your office, you may remain appear respectable. In fact, the way you dress on more casual days could speak volumes about your professionalism, self awareness and judgment. Lawyers should know how to present themselves in front of colleagues and clients. There’s nothing wrong about keeping it safe. It is actually possible to become a little too creative with your formal attires, such as choosing the wrong color for your suits and patterns for your tie. Regardless of the changing trends in the business world, lawyers should continue wearing formal attire, when they want to present themselves in front of an audience. By wearing regular formal attire, people will focus on what you are saying, not what you are wearing. Choosing unusual attire and colors could distract people and they listen less to what you are saying.

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