Fitness Vacation: TOP 6 Tips For Running on the Beach

Are you on vacation? Good for you! It doesn’t mean that you have to forget about your active way of life and everyday training. In fact, summer vacation is the right time to become more active and sporty. You are so lucky if you could go to the beach! Beach fitness is one of the most popular summer trainings. This is a favorable environment to take cardio or strength exercises, working on sand. It doubles every movement, every step you do! It is important to start with low speed and increase stresses gradually. Remember, your muscles work harder on the sand running surface than they normally do in the gym. So, start it low, with 50 percent intensiveness! How to get to the beach? You can pick any American state for your beach vacation. How about Florida or South Carolina? 8 seater will give you the best beach transport you can use every day or just to get to the place you need. Exotic cabriolets are also available!

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Running on sand is the most popular summer activity. It can be really challenging! Try to mix up running and swimming. Here are useful tips to get the most out of running on the beach.

  1. Sun protection

When do you prefer to run? Does it matter? Of course, beach run supposes staying in the open sun most of the time. Do you really think that the hot rays help to burn calories? If you think so, you should take care of your skin and general condition by using sunscreens. Also, try to run in the morning or in the evening when the sun is not hot and harmful. Wear a hat or even special UV-blocking clothes if you have any. It protects your legs and shoulders and makes you feel much better and comfortable even in a hot day.

  1. Running on the sand is tough!

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced sportsman or not, running on the sand is tough. Don’t overleap yourself! The sand surface is soft and floating. This is not the easiest platform to run on. But you can make the most of it and double your efforts. If you feel too tired, try to run when sand is firmer and easy to run on.

  1. Try to run barefoot

Running barefoot is really funny! If you like running, there are no rules on how to run, with shoes or without. It is so pleasant to relax and have a short run feeling groovy. If you are not sure that you like such a run, try to start with a short distance. Then, you can increase the run distance gradually. Watch your steps! There may be shells and rocks and other forgotten items in the sand. Therefore, you should buy a pair of light and soft running shoes to protect your feet and feel comfortable.

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  1. Right clothes

Forget about bikini! It is perfect clothes for swimming or lounging in a beach, but it is not the right suit for running. When running, you are always in the sun and in motion. Your swimsuit can’t protect you from burns and other skin problems that always appear when you spend much time outdoors. Just buy special UV-protective clothes or shorts and a T-shirt you can always find in your beach bag.

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  1. Set goals

Always set new goals! Running along the shore can be pleasant and even relaxing. But if you want to improve your physical condition and take your chance to lose weight and keep it off, set goals and try hard.



  1. Have fun

Running along the ocean is not only healthy but also romantic. Sometimes, it is really fun. The view is always beautiful and it helps especially on a long run. If a beautiful view is not enough for you, you can take your iPhone and listen to your favorite music through the earphones. Be careful and don’t let your iPhone or iPode to get wet! Running on the beach you can find an interesting shell or a piece of rock. If you have a companion to run with, you can go to the beach cafe after training and have a funny time there. A glass of sweet fruit refreshing cocktail is just what you need!

So, you decided to take a beach vacation. That’s so great! You have a chance to take some rest and look out for yourself. You can run every day or once a week. You can run alone or in a company of your friends. You can run for sport or for pleasure. But don’t feel discouraged and disappointed if you couldn’t do your usual mileage. Remember that running on the beach is more difficult and often exhausting.

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