TOP 6 Fashion Mistakes All Travelers Make! Avoid Them!

Americans are known by their good taste and fashion. Whenever you travel, you can always recognize American tourists by their stylish look and well-set car. Traveling to the far end of the world, American people try to use their time. Even in Australia, where car hire companies in Brisbane airport give a big choice of business class cars and off roaders, Americans prefer BMV coupe and Mazda hatchback. Check their prices on the company’s website. You can always cut the price by paying online! When driving a cabriolet you can’t wear flip-flops and reveal T-shirt! People often make such a fashion mistake when they are on the trip. They mistakenly think that traveling in the car doesn’t require looking and smelling good because nobody can see you. Is that true?




  1. Forget about shorts and tennis shoes!

Why? As a rule, all tourists wear casual clothes. Do you think that shorts and sneakers are good enough to look stylish and comfortable? Of course, you feel like wearing long pants and jacket will hinder your movements. But wearing casual clothes prevents you from visiting museums, churches, restaurants. That’s why you’d better to plan your trip beforehand to know what to wear, depending on where you plan to stop. Remember that all serious restaurants require wearing long pants and classic shoes!

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  1. Forget about terribly plain shoes!

Do you have a pair of travel shoes or prefer wearing sneakers? Of course, you don’t have to wear heels and look like you are just from the party. Also, that’s a bad idea to look like you are just from the gym! Your running sneakers scream “tourist” to all and everyone when you get out of the car. Just buy a pair of leather travel shoes which is good for visiting cafe, walking on the beach, and dropping the hammer. Let them be classic, lightweight boots or shoes which take care of your feet from morning till night.

  1. Forget about flip-flops

These slide shoes are not really shoes. They are not good for traveling even when the weather is hot. You can pack flip flops for your beach vacation or for visiting SPA. Believe it or not, you will always look strange wearing these rubber shoes in the airport or walking the street in the unknown city. They can’t be worn in public or at a dinner party.

Ostsee Flip Flops

  1. Forget about naked knees and shoulders

Of course, everything depends on the country you are going to visit, new culture and traditions. Be careful visiting Catholic Spain or Middle East countries. Even when driving a car during the warm weather, try to wear light clothes made of soft and natural materials. You will never feel hot or cold and will always follow any new traditions and dressing habits. Sometimes, your fashion mistake is able to break your touristic expectations. How? There are many countries where you meet a restriction to visit public places wearing so-called reveal clothes. Traveling around the world, be aware of wearing miniskirts or dresses, tank tops and everything that is considered to be rather disrespectful. It would be great if you prefer layered style. Check if you didn’t forget to pack at least one black dress, long shorts, long-sleeve T-shirts, and shoes.



  1. Leave your loud T-shirts at home!

That’s a fact, everyone has a loud T-shirt. What does a loud T-shirt mean? Simply, it can be a piece of clothes with political slogans, team names, designer logos, and other meaningful signs. These pieces of clothes are culturally rude and unacceptable for traveling. Why? Your T-shirt can make you argue about politics, sport, fashion, religion. It offers your own opinion and that’s really good to have one. But you will meet people with an opposing point of view. Don’t make the situation even more confusing. Besides, your loud clothes and bright logos don’t suit the scenic background.

  1. Forget about huge backpacks!

Even traveling in the car, there is no need to take a huge backpack with you. First of all, it is heavy to carry around every time you need to go out of your car for sightseeing. Also, city libraries, museums and other places don’t let you in with an overloaded valise on your back. Just take one or two valises and a smaller backpack with all travel essentials. Leave some space for souvenirs and don’t forget about water every time you go out.

Of course, all these mistakes are not fatal. You are free in what you wear and where to go. But never forget that traveling means not only spending most of your time in the car. It also means meeting new people, new cultures, and new life foundation. And it would be really disappointing to miss visiting a museum, city park, restaurant, or any other public place because of a fashion mistake.

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