Definition and Examples of Topics for Essays

For a writer there are many things that he/she needs to take care of, there are many things that a writer must do and many things that a writer must avoid, there are many things that a writer should know and must follow them out of which following the basic writing rules is the most important.

So what exactly an essay is? It is not something similar to an article or a blog that most of the people think, it is not only the part of educational life as people read and write essays even in their professional life in fact people earn money by writing them so essays are different. These are mostly written in detailed and are more focused having a particular story that has to be developed in the introductory paragraph.

Topic selection is the most important thing in writing no matter what you are writing you must need to know the process and tips for selecting the correct topic for your essay. If a wrong topic is selected then your entire efforts can go waste. Topic is something that attracts the readers and grabs their attention and majority of the readers make the decision of reading the full content by just reading the topic so for a writer it is very important to choose an interesting topic in which most of the writers especially young writers fail miserably.  Here are some of the examples of topics that you can choose for your essays:

  • Current affairs can be one option: you can write in the current affairs, get to know what is going all around the world. You must know the global and political side as well. You can write on the political topics too but in this case you have to be very careful. There are many people who love to read political topics. Apart from the political topics you can also choose some topics that are on news.
    Another option can be to choose a topic of social interest and the topic that is famous currently in the world. People wants to know about the current situation of the world and the country, people are concerned about their society they are living in and also some people are interested in other societies so such topics can really grab reader’s attention. Here are some of the example of the topics that you can go for:

    • Any upcoming elections
    • Any ongoing protest in the world
    • Any political issue that has been raised
    • Any society related talks
  • You can go for any sports related topics: we have some crazy sport freak and sport fans all around the world. No matter in which country of the world you go you will find many crazy sporty people who love sports more than anything. Some love cricket, some live football, some love hockey, some love basket ball and so on so you can capture those audience who wants to read and know more about their favorite sports. You can write about any upcoming sports event or tournament about which people would want to know. People love to read sports related topics so you can write really good and interesting topics. Here are some of the example of the topics that you can go for:
    • Any upcoming sports event
    • Any ongoing sports event or a tournament
    • You can write about any of famous player’s latest news
    • You can write on any new rising talent in any sports
    • Retired sportsmen can be one topic too
  • Write on what’s trending on social media: social media is the best platform for promotions and advertisement and that’s why so many advertisements are being done on social media. Digital is being active because of social media. Most of the brands are active on digital just because they know the number of people they can reach through digital. On social media we see lots of topics being circulated every day. Every day we get to know or see a new topic that is trending on facebook and twitter no matter what it is so you can write on of those topics. Here are some of the example of the topics that you can go for:
    • Current example: Angelina Jolie’s fan Sahar Tabar
    • You can write on the upcoming movies
    • Any new trend that came up
    • You can write on nominating challenges
    • You can write about any video that is being circulated on social media a lot

These were some of the tips related to topic selection along with some mostly used examples. You can follow these and pick some of these for your essay writing topic. You must focus on the topic the most as this is what makes the foundation of the content strong.

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