Why are failures important for college students?

The learning phase never ends in life and it is never too late to learn something new. Life is full of experiences and new circumstances you go through so regardless of your age or level of education, you should be willing to learn. While learning can be done through several ways, one of the most efficient ways to learn is by mistakes and failure you experience in life. Every day, you tend to make decisions and start a new journeywhich can either go as you planned or not if some unforeseen events take place.

Whatever the reason behind your failures is, even the slightest failure can ruin your mood and lower your morale. I used to ask others to write my dissertation whenever I lost hope in a course but later on, I realized that these failures are not all bad. Despite the fact how immense disappointments these failures bring about, there is always some good attached to it. It is just a matter of recognizing the good rather than focusing all on the bad. Experts claim failures to in fact be an important part of student life due to the following reasons:

  • You know what to avoid in future: When an individual experiences an unfortunate scenario, they tend to remember it for the rest of their lives and this means that they will take special care of it in future. A major reason of why professors do not give easy marks to students is because they want students to see their mistakes and learn from them so that they can learn better. If you do not experience failure in initial stages during academic life, experiencing it for the first time later on could be very difficult for you to swallow and the costs may be huge.
  • Learn techniques to bounce back: You may listen to a number of failure stories every day and about how people bounce back from them but you never learn anything till you actually experience it. Every time you fail, you find a new way to help you to move on. One after another as you try these techniques, you gradually realize which ones are the most effective. This means that if you fail at any point in life later on, you will not face much difficulty bouncing back from it and moving on, saving you from a major probable loss.
  • Helps you distinguish between fake and genuine people: The greatest benefit that students can receive through failures is that it helps them identify fake and genuine people. You will meet a lot of students and people who will claim to stand beside you in your good and bad times but will vanish when you need them the most. These people will not be there with you when you suffer failure at any point in life but there will be a handful of people who you now know you can rely on.
  • Makes you able to accept failures: Finally, when you suffer failure at least twice be it failing a course or failing to get that dream job, you eventually learn how to accept this failure which is a great thing.

So never get disappointed by the failures but instead, try to find the good in them.

Author bio: Kevin Patrick is the head of extracurricular activities and student affairs at a college in London. He studied visual arts and sociology at college and is a popular freelancer.

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