Five paragraph essay

There are some different types of formats of an essay bit most popular and commonly used format is the “five-paragraph essay”. It is exactly as it sounds in this format the essay is written in five different paragraphs. The reason why this format is preferred is simply that it gives more clarity and grabs the reader’s attention. Any essay having one or two paragraphs will never grab reader’s attention as they find it too boring. Adding subheadings give them an idea about what exactly is written. We all skip those essays and articles which is full of text having no subheadings at all. Not just this it gets very convenient for the reader to understand the content and they then enjoy reading it, also the writer gets a chance to elaborate and place the content accordingly.

This is the right place if you are willing to find out about the five-paragraph essay in detail. The sections that must be there in a five-part essay are; the introductory paragraph where you introduce your topic and essay this will cover the first paragraph of the essay, then comes the three body paragraphs which will be your second third and fourth paragraphs which will have all the main content, main idea, arguments, justifications, examples, supporting details and so on. Last is the concluding paragraph which will be your fifth paragraph in which you will conclude your essay and summarize it into few sentences. Below are these sections in detail which will give you a clear picture about how this five-part essay writing works and how can you write it:

  • First paragraph – the introductory paragraph
    at this point you have to get your reader’s involvement, you need to grab their attention in such a way that they get involved in your essay. you have to spice up your introductory paragraph and write it in such a way that people would crave to read more. Usually readers go through the introductory paragraph and then they either continue or move to another essay, so make sure you make it clear in this first paragraph that what will be in your essay, thesis statement, what points will you cover, how will you justify and all it will basically be a mini outline.
  • Second paragraph – Body
    you start this paragraph with a topic sentence that will summarize your point. Here you should start a very strong argument and get reader’s further involved as this will make it interesting. You will mention the topic of the essay here while elaborating it and this should start from the first two lines of second paragraph and make sure to link this topic with the thesis statement that you have mentioned earlier in the first paragraph of introduction.
  • Third paragraph – Body
    in this paragraph you will mention in detail that why this topic sentence is worth reading and writing and why you think this is one great topic to cover. You can support your argument with some examples and strong arguments this will be the second strongest argument of the essay. This should obviously be a follow up for the first body paragraph which is a second paragraph overall.
  • Fourth paragraph – Body
    this is the part of the essay where you support all your arguments and justify your statements by providing examples, facts, quotes, statistics, etc. you can add anything you think will justify your argument as this will make your essay authentic and people will enjoy reading it. Link this paragraph with your introductory paragraph and the previous body paragraphs as string arguments were mentioned in those. This paragraph can have an argument but it should be the weakest one.
  • Fifth paragraph – Conclusion
    like everything essay also requires a conclusion so you must wind up your essay with a concluding paragraph. Gather everything important that is discussed earlier. Include an illusion to the pattern that you have used in the very first introductory paragraph. You will also include a summary of all the arguments that you have mentioned and justified earlier in the body paragraphs. Then at the end you will wrap up your entire essay in such a way that a reader gets to know that the essay is ending in next few sentences and everything should be cleared by then. People usually find it difficult to write a concluding paragraph as jotting everything mentioned in detail in few sentences is not an easy task and it has some tactics and techniques that have to be followed.

Everything about the five-paragraph essay has been mentioned in detail. You can now easily write a five part essay by following the above mentioned points. You just have to be focused and stick to the format mentioned. However, you might find some difficulties initially but you will improve with time.

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