US National Parks: A Healthy Vacation for the Whole Family

US national parks are located throughout the country. High mountains, deep gorges, dry deserts, wide meadows, rocky shores, dense forests – the USA has a very diverse natural world. We will describe six US national parks where, traveling with family or friends using Payless car rental Pittsburgh, you will not only get an unforgettable experience, but also improve your health.

  1. Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park

This national park covers two giant volcanoes Mauna Loa and Kilauea, which activity began millions of years ago. They also remain the most active and the hardest in the world. However, the migration of people, plants, and animals over millennia has significantly altered the characteristics of volcanoes. However, they continue to shock and surprise tourists.

  1. Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon was created by erosion of ice and by the rainwater. This made it possible to create strange-looking landscapes. There are natural tunnels in the canyon, and a pine forest has grown at the very tops of the canyon. The strange formations of Bryce Canyon are known as the “Hoodoos,” and they are an incredible sight.

  1. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is a wild world that has waterfalls, meadows, giant forests and granite rocks. The park runs 800 kilometers of hiking trails. They lead travelers up and down dizzying landscapes. Yosemite is also a refuge for wild animals, in particular, lynxes, foxes, black bears.

  1. Denali National Park

If you travel to the north of Alaska, you can see a unique ecosystem. The national park has huge coniferous forests, mountain tundra and slopes. Here is McKinley Peak, which is the highest mountain in North America.

  1. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s largest geological wonders. The jagged sides of the canyon fall steeply down. There are many ways to experience it from any of its viewing platforms. One of the most popular of them is South Rim. In addition, you can go down the river in kayaks or ride a mule.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Park is a high plateau with average heights of about 2300 meters, surrounded by perimeter of high rocky ridges, the peaks of which sometimes reach 4 thousand meters. This geography leads to the fact that the weather here is changeable and the climate is cool. In winter, severe frosts and blizzards are common, summer days can surprise you with heat, but even in the midst of summer, it is sometimes snowy, especially in high mountain regions.

Yellowstone Park gained worldwide fame due to its unusual nature. The reason is that here, in the Rocky Mountains, there is a huge geological fault, leading to frequent earthquakes and developed volcanism. The Yellowstone Plateau is a unique huge caldera of an ancient super volcano. Thanks to volcanism, there are many geysers in this place, which form vast areas. There are only five geyser fields on the planet. For example, they include the Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka in Russia, or the island of Iceland. However, Yellowstone in the USA is the largest geyser field of the Earth, more than half of all the geysers of the planet are located here.

Now you know six best national parks in the USA. However, what can their ecology offer in addition to their beauty?

The benefits of this type of holiday are:

  1. Short-term memory improvement. Scientists have found that walking in the woods improves short-term memory by 20%. At the same time, city walks in no way effect the speed of memorization. Therefore, if you need to urgently learn a poem or maybe the dates of all the great revolutions – you need to go to the Park!
  2. Sight improvement. Scientists have proven that outdoor recreation reduces the risk of myopia in children. Such studies were conducted in a Taiwanese school. There, at breaks, children do not run along school corridors, but play in the fresh air. The number of shortsighted children in such a school is almost 10% less than in others.
  3. Concentration improvement. If you have to make a difficult decision, analyze complex data or some other task where maximum concentration is required, take a walk in the park first. Results of a scientific study proved that a 30-minute walk in the forest improves brain concentration. In addition, such walks will be useful for children with hyperactivity disorder.
  4. Say no to depression and anxiety. Forest walks are a very effective way to relieve anxiety and lower the level of depression. The positive effect increases if you also live next to a pond, as you can combine business with pleasure! In addition, sports in the fresh air contribute to improving mood and getting rid of bad thoughts.
  5. Development of creative abilities. Scientists have proven that walks in the woods contribute to the development of creative thinking. If you need to find a source of inspiration or solve some creative problem, then fir trees and oaks will definitely help you. According to the study, for those, who spent days in nature, it is faster and easier to solve creative tasks.


US National Parks are a great example of how to reconcile wildlife with the flood of people coming here. These places are like shots from a science fiction film; they are simply amazing and remembered for many years! Here, in the midst of nature, a man acutely feels how fragile is the solid surface of the planet, which we are accustomed to consider unshakable. These parks delight, and at the same time provide an opportunity not only to get positive emotions, but also to think about deeply philosophical things.

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