Family Vacation in Miami ON THE CHEAP

What is Miami for you? It usually appears that Miami is long miles of beaches, admirable city parks and fresh beach landscapes, city museums and amusement parks. This is the best platform for water sports and kiddy attractions. You can hardly find a better place for your trip with kids than Miami. A well-developed beach infrastructure and a big choice of rental cars can help you to make this trip maximum comfortable. You can’t save much money on cars and hotels in Miami. Kids’ safety goes first. But you can try to find a cheap 7-seater car rental in Miami to get the car for affordable price. What car?


You can make a long list of kiddy attractions and things to do with your kids. But you can’t do that without a car. Pay attention to family cars or compact minivans. How about Toyota Camry Hybrid? It can be as good as the most popular family SUVs Subaru Outback and Dodge Durango. You can try Toyota Sienna that satisfies all your family needs. Forget about your personal preferences. Try to focus on cars that are comfortable, quiet, and have plenty of space for people and their luggage.

The Perfect Picnic



  1. Go to the beach

This is the first thing you should do in Miami with kids. By the way, most of the local beaches are free. Also, you have a chance to refresh your family in a hotel pool. Remember, local beaches are the biggest free attractions for kids. So, what do you need to take with you? You need a blanket and a sunscreen. If you need beach conveniences you can take an umbrella, sunbed, and a picnic basket with snacks and drinks. Oh, don’t forget about your kids. Take a beach ball and a big jar for different beach treasures like shallows, stones, weeds. If you want to learn surfing with your kids, you should go to the Surfside. Check the calendar first for free lessons.

  1. Visit Miami parks

Miami is not only a beach city. This is also a huge green territory with parks and squares. Isn’t it a perfect background for outdoor games? Besides, visiting parks is usually free. Don’t worry if you decided to visit one of two national parks. Both, Everglades and Biscayne are worth your attention. They usually take minimum entrance fee. By the way, visiting North Shore Park with kids, you shouldn’t pay anything for entrance. So, what do you get? You get a beautiful ocean front territory with picnic area, hiking trails, and well-developed infrastructure. You have an opportunity to take a cruise ship and go around the port. Don’t forget about such free attractions as beach volley ball, jogging, cycling, picnicking.

Amelia asking Reese to Share

  1. Watch free movies

Don’t be surprised. You can take your family and go to the New World Center. This green territory has a huge wall that is used as a screen for outdoor movies and other performances. So, take your chance to watch free movie and spend a good time with your under the palm trees. Check the schedule beforehand. The outdoor cinema usually works on Wednesdays.

  1. Visit Museums

Free entranve is not a problem for Miami museums. Go online and you can easily find dozens of attractive proposals. How about visiting Design District’s ICA? This is one of the coolest museums in the city and always free for visitors. Focus on Downtown museums. You can find many of them free.

  • Kids entrance is free

If you want to visit a historical museum or a local art center, you’d better check first if the entrance is free for kids. Thus, such prestigious museum as HistoryMiami in Downtown takes NO fee from kids under 6. The unique artifacts and historical installations will impress your big and small family members. Check if it will be interesting for your kids first.

Pittsburgh Children's Museum

  • Catch museum free hours

There are many museums and art centers in Miami and other big cities that are not free for visitors. But you can easily visit them if you catch so-called museum free hours. How to plan? Go the museum website and check their offers. Your kids will be interested in visiting Children’s Museum. This is a unique place where you can learn history, culture, sciences, and have fun. Remember, the entrance is free on Fridays. There are many museums that welcome you for free on Saturdays or Sundays.

As a rule, traveling with kids takes much money from your budget. Of course, children always want to buy and see everything. Don’t be afraid of kiddy places. If you plan your trip beforehand, you can find many worthy places to visit for free and spend your funny time together! Just be patient and keep searching.

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