Learning and Playing During a Car Trip. Tips for Parents

On the train, on the plane and at the airport, on the bus or in the car, you can play a variety of mindfulness games. Even the smallest children can compete in most of them. You can count water pumps and bicycles, herds of cows, storks on the housetops, buildings with columns, monuments and traffic lights. The main thing is that each child should have his/her own counting sheet prepared in advance, on which he/she will note how many different interesting objects were seen on the way. Such games develop the attention and imagination of children. They teach them to entertain themselves and others in any circumstances. Moreover, these games not only entertain, but also educate children. When the conditions of the trip are comfortable, it is much more pleasant to play games. The best conditions could be obtained with 14CARS.


Road games for fun and education:


  • Notice objects around


An old children’s game, which, however, is popular among adults as well. Arrange what you will notice: for example, railway crossings, ravens, dogs or fir trees. Whoever sees and names the first item, first gets one point. The game continues until someone scores the agreed number of points.


  • Words from registration plate letters


This game, of course, is easier to play in your motherland, but you can also do it when you rent a car abroad, training your knowledge of languages. The task is simple: you need to make a word from the letters of the license plates of the oncoming cars. You can take one number and come up with the longest word, or you can complicate the game by adding more numbers – but then you need to make up a phrase. The first one, who makes something meaningful, wins.


  • Game with numbers from the registration plates


In this game, not the letters from the license plates, but numbers are needed. Each participant selects a number from 0 to 9 and must find five (or ten, as agreed) cars with numbers that have this number. Whoever finds all the cars first, wins.


  • Twenty One


The rules are the same as in the card game, but instead of cards we take the number of cars. The rules are as follows: the player takes one “card” (car number) and adds up the numbers. The result should be 21 or the closest possible number, but not the bigger number. For example, the number 316 will add 10 to the total (3 + 1 + 6), and 986 will add 23, which is already too much. The first player can take another “card”, and the second player loses.


  • Passing-by and oncoming cars


A game with some creativity. The good thing is that there are no winners or losers. Try to come up with a story about people in nearby cars. What are their names? Where are they going? Who are they for each other? What are they taking with them in the car? What did they eat for breakfast?

The game can be complicated if you come up with stories about people in oncoming cars: you will only have a couple of seconds to notice them.


  • Word search


Turn on the radio in your personal or rental car, preferably some conversation program, but not necessarily. Choose a specific word, for example, “listen” or “news”, and look for these words in the speech of DJs and in songs. When a word is uttered, shout something out loud (“Yes!” for example). The one, who scores a predetermined number of words, wins. 

Active games


  • A game of catch


During any stops, try to let the children move. Even during the hike, you can notice that at the halt the children sit for a minute – and jump up. They get tired of going in a given direction. However, they quickly switch and instantly regain strength. So do not sit them, as children are resting in free movement.


  • Go quietly, continue, stop!


While the leading player speaks these words, the rest of the players try to quietly approach him. As soon as the leading player says “stop!”, he or she turns around and ‘fines’ those who did not have time to stand still. You can complicate the game by asking those, who stand still, funny and tricky questions. Children will play and you will have some time to discuss car rental or any other topic of current interest.


In addition, it should be noted that now there is a huge number of interesting board games on sale. Previously, board games were understood exclusively as the games with dice and cards on the board, but now there are many different games for sale. Some of them are great for a company of different ages. On the road, it is best to take compact games, the rules of which can be explained in five minutes. In case you would like to learn a dozen more road tips, we recommend this information.

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