Tips to Effectively Market your Blog on Social Media

Social Media Marketing gives you the most return on investment. It requires little to no capital to market on social media and the potential reach is worldwide. Marketing on social media is the best strategy to improve blog visibility. Benefits of Social Media Marketing include:


  • Increased traffic
  • Improved Engagement
  • Higher SEO rankings
  • More conversions
  • Increased Sales


Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing:


  1. Automated Blog integration
  2. Quality Images
  3. Publishing Calendar
  4. Social Icons
  5. Blog Promotional Websites
  6. Repurposed Content
  7. Customer Engagement
  8. Influencers
  9. Revisit old Content
  10. Trends


  • Automated Blog Integration

Specific WordPress plugins help automate sharing of blog content on social media. These extensions also help create status updates, manage post titles, meta descriptions, and open graph tags for all social platforms. Links to your blog can also be added to your own social media profile.

  • Quality Images

Quality images are essential in any online entrepreneurial activity. Use the best image from your blog content to market it on social media. Images bring engagement and drive sales. Good quality images can be made through the following software:

  • Canva
  • Relay That
  • Unsplash
  • My stock photos
  • IconFinder 


  • Publishing Calendar

Create and automate a publishing calendar for your blog’s social media pages. A consistent social presence is essential for the blog. It helps viewers know when to expect new content and creates trust in your brand. The social calendar can be optimized through the following tools:

  • Hootsuite 
  • SproutSocial
  • Facebook Insights


  • Social Icons

Ensure the availability of social icons on your blog, for easy sharing of blog content. Allow users to comment on the blog’s social media pages while staying on the blog. Social icons should be clearly visible, however, don’t inundate your blog with too many icons as it can end up slowing down the loading speeds.

  • Blog Promotional Websites

Blog promotional websites are those that aggregate content from different blogs for any particular topic. These websites have high traffic and greater visitor engagement. Blog summaries or links to particular articles can be shared on these promotional sites. Popular blog promotional websites include:

  • Medium
  • Pocket
  • Pinterest
  • Flipboard
  • Repurposed Content

Blog content can be repurposed in a different template for sharing on social media platforms. Each social platform has its own dedicated following and its method of content consumption. Sharing across multiple avenues will help your blog gain traction. Content can be repurposed in the following ways;

  • Infographic
  • Video
  • Tutorial
  • Course
  • PDF
  • Podcast
  • Slideshare
  • Email Newsletter
  • Customer Engagement

Successful blogging websites like PricesPakistan rely on Customer communication and engagement. Encourage the readers to ask questions and comment on the blog’s social media pages. Use QnA platforms like Quora to answer customer queries using links to the blog. This will help drive traffic back to your blog post and increase visibility. Timely and effective communication helps build a loyal following for the blog

  • Influencers

It is essential to have a feel of the market trends in your blogging niche. This can be done through influencers. Find the top influencers in your blogging niche and connect to them. Comment on their blog posts and invite them to write guest posts for your blog. Do an interview or a life story of a popular influencer on your blog. This can greatly help drive traffic and increase visibility for your blog.

  • Revisit old Content

The benefit of writing on evergreen topics is that they remain ever relevant. You can revisit and refresh your old content by changing up the title and adding better images. If already shared on one social platform the content can be edited to become more apt for another platform such as Pinterest. Link the refreshed content on social media or cross-post from one social platform to another. 

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