• <i>This</i> concerns <b><i>her</i></b> only today

    This concerns her only today

    Shut your filthy mouth, I'm not that kind of girl. Thanks, thanks a lot. The only way we're gonna get those two to successfully meet is if they're alone together.
  • <b>You</b> <i>get</i> the cable for more

    You get the cable for more

    Yeah, I'm- mayor. Now that's a good idea. I could run for mayor. The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car why not do it with some style. Bes...
  • <b><i>Look,</i></b> there’s a <i>rhythmic</i> thing

    Look, there’s a rhythmic thing

    Yeah I know, If you put your mind to it you could accomplish anything. Yeah, well uh, lets keep this brain melting stuff to ourselves, okay? No, get out of town, my mom thinks
  • Let’s do another <b>one</b> everywhere

    Let’s do another one everywhere

    What were you doing in the middle of the street, a kid your age. Oh, what I meant to day was- My name's Lorraine, Lorraine Baines. Well, it will just happen. Like the way I me...

He never stood up to that thing

Is she pretty? Wrecked? Ahh. Great Scott. Let me see that photograph again of your brother. Just as I thought, this proves my theory, look at your brother. The storm. My god, it's my mother. Put your pants back on. What were you doing in the middle of the street, a kid your age. Good evening, I'm...

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Why you’re acting like a fool

Where does he come from? George: you ever think of running for class president? Evening, Doctor Brown, what's with the wire? No, not yet. The appropriate question is, weren't the...

Clear the way for our entrance

On the night I go back in time, you get- Doc. Oh, great scott. You get the cable, I'll throw the rope down to you. Oh, uh, this is my Doc, Uncle, Brown. Watch it, Goldie. He's a ...

Come and get it if you need

One point twenty-one gigawatts. One point twenty-one gigawatts. Great Scott. Why is she gonna get angry with you? Remember, fellas, the future is in your hands. If you believe in...